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Choosing A Provider Of Powder Coating Allentown

Powder Coating Tips for Quality Results

The process of powder coating can add value to items including bolts and fasteners. However, if the results aren't top quality, it is going to be hard to get customers interested in buying them. When you follow these tips, you will get great results each time. Your business will also become one that has a great reputation for powder coating processing.

Take time for Prepping

A clean surface that is dry is important for the powder coating process to go well. If you fail to create this type of environment, your efforts are going to be in vain. Spend some time investing in the set up and it will help you to get the results you really seek. Media blast the wheels down to the bare metal. A common mistake is not taking them down far enough before the powder coating Allentown is started.

Clean with Solvent

Wash them with a solvent that will remove any residue or powder that lingers. You want them to be free of grease too. Always wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the solvent you work with. Another reason to wear the rubber gloves is that the natural oils from your hands can actual prevent the powder coating process from providing the best quality of results.

Clear Coat Powder

You may be tempted to skip the step of a clear coat powder, but don't do it. This will hinder the overall results you gain through the powder coating Allentown. This process offers a layer of additional protection Depending on the finish you want, you may wish to consider one that offers a wet look.

Clean the Powder Gun

A quality powder coating gun that is clean is important to work with. If it isn't clean, it may not coat evenly. Make sure you fully understand how to hook it up and how to use it correctly. Take your time to fully coat all of the elements fully and with the same amount of pressure. Be aware of the various settings on the powder gun too so that you can use them to your advantage while powder coating Allentown.

High Temp Tape

Not all high temp tape colors offer the same value. This information can help you to improve the powder coating results. For example, the green high temp tape is best to use when you have two colors that you would like to separate or two tones. If there are areas that you need to prevent from the powder coating Allentown being applied to, use the orange high temp tape.You have read, Choosing A Provider Of Powder Coating Allentown.
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