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How Long Will I Have To Stay At A Drug Rehab FL?

The decision to go to a drug rehab FL center may not be easy, but hopefully you see it as an opportunity. One of the common questions is how long will you need to stay. That isn't always an easy question to answer. Some facilities in FL offer a 90 day program and others offer 6 month or year long programs at drug rehab.

When there is a definite timeframe, it means you will be progressing through the various channels of the addiction treatment at a drug rehab center in FL even if you aren't ready. While this gives you a definitely amount of time before you are done, it doesn't always mean you leave the facility with the right mindset, skills, or behavioral changes to stop using drugs.

Typically, the shorter the range is for addiction drug rehab FL treatment, the higher the risk is of a relapse. Studies indicate a 90 day program isn't long enough for most people in order for them to break a drug habit for good. It depends on the person, how long they have been using, what they have been using, and many other variables.

The fact that many insurance programs only pay for 90 days at an addiction treatment center is often why that amount of time is offered. Luckily, many facilities are not changing to a step progression system. This means you are given your drug rehab FL plan of action based on your assessment at intake. Get MyRehabFL from mrf. As you complete certain pieces of the program, you move to the next step.

It may take one person 4 months to complete the steps and it may take the next person 7 months. The key here is they progress at their own pace based on the recommendations and observations of the professionals in the program. Someone who is very resistant to the program isn't going to move forward very quickly at all. They may eventually be asked to leave the program if they aren't working towards recovery so the space can be offered to someone else in need of such help.

A person does have the right and the ability to leave an addiction treatment center at any time. This can be the first few days after you arrive or a few months down the road. However, it is always in your best interest to stay at the facility for the duration of time indicated in your treatment plan. If you feel you are ready to go early, discuss this with your professional staff. They may have other reasons to share with you about why they think you aren't yet ready to go.

If you find a given drug rehab FL program for drugs isn't working well with you, talk to a professional on site. They may be able to help you get into another program offered. Don't just walk out the front door with no intention of getting help. You will slip through the cracks and you are very likely to return to your old drug using habits and that can be very dangerous.

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